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OUR DRAGON-Painting and working with balance part of structure

We have been working hard to figure out how to balance the dragon, cover the dragon with texture, and paint the accent colors on the dragon. It is all red now, next comes yellow and gold, and the face. The children are still excited to work on the dragon. We are behind on our BIG MONTHLY projects, because each project has extended over the amount of time I thought the children would be interested.

Next is Tim Dine Large HEARTS, I hope the children will still want to do them, even though valentines will be long gone.

We had to work hard to figure out how to balnce the dragon

We had to work hard to figure out how to balance the dragon we decided on two long flat boxes to help balance the size of our dragon body  box.

Now we have been painting, it is an ongoing project,

Now we have been painting, it is an ongoing project that the children look forward to each week. We use big latex house paint brushes.

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A World of their own! A Creative Space-

The Art Studio,”The Nest” has been open about a month now. The children are figuring out that they direct the garden, the art, and the process of what occurs in the studio. They now ask to come out to the Studio with me , even the 2 1/2 year olds. It is certainly more difficult for some children to come up with creative ideas , glue, cut, color, paint, or build.  They don’t know HOW to think of unusual ideas, it becomes frustrating and overwhelming  an interesting phenomenon. Some children need a lot of direction from me, a lot more time, some ask to leave to go back to the regular class room, some however, are learning to feel comfortable creating.

Most students LOVE the space and realize it IS different. They are  aware of the different rules and that their ideas are important.  Yesterday, they ask for clay outside to make trees with sticks, stones and leaves.  They migrated  inside to draw and paint. They are beginning to create all types of ART. They are building confidence.img_0004 img_0003 img_0001 img_0003 img_0005 img_0006

NURTURE CREATIVITY-  Reinforce social communication of creative behavior, Construct things, Investigate materials freely, Allow expression to happen.  Develop creative thinking habits and patterns in young children early.

Two teaching methods to STOP:   Elimination of fantasy play, and Educational practices that emphasize learning only what is taught by a teacher.  Teach flexibility and solving problems creatively. Generate innovative ideas.

These children will go up to be a creative workforce for  future jobs.

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Preschool Art Studio

Getting the Art Studio ready for exploration, creativity and building projects. The children are excited to go to a new special place to learn art! We had a busy first day!


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Is ART just a messy project?

OR IS ART REALLY A CLEVER WAY OF TEACHING across all domains? What if you could just each children to learn because it is fun? Would having fun help the child really learn academics? Reading , writing, , Math-quantity, shapes, sizes, engage the child to complete a task, problem solving, creative thinking- WOW , that’s a lot of academic ideas!  Here  you can see the children are all self directed because of carefully placed ideas, supplies and experiences. Judge for yourself.

It is getting close to Easter this little girl talked a lot about her family and finding eggs. She is 4, she can’t write a story, but she certainly drew a story  telling with great ideas.



We went on a nature walk AND MADE COLLECTIONS, the first child is formulating ideas about nature. The second child is cutting materials for his nature sculpture.IMG_3105

What IS this child studying about the map? What makes it so interesting? Children love new things with adult like ideas. Maybe he is looking for a pirate treasure.

Art is self directed and allows the child to think on his own.

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Teaching young artists- Art week in my class

Mondays is a hard day, the children and I  are tired and  we have work to do! This week is our ALL SCHOOL ART SHOW, and I love art and feel children need to value art so….. Today, I read and talked about, Rene Magritte, a surrealist. I told the children about how he often painted  silly mixed up things , dreamlike  pictures, that had meaning to him. We  talked about one of his pictures in particular, “Son of Man”.  We  talked about being tired on Mondays, sleep, dreams and mysterious ideas. The children paid attention looking at the book and immediately interpreted so many peculiar parts of the paintings. I thought it was interesting that they saw silliness in the paintings I didn’t have to say anything. They loved the LARGE birdcage with an egg in it they asked “How big would the bird be Ms Robin”, they loved the fireplace with the train, “Look the smoke goes up the chimney”. I though about how easy that had been for them to see all the ideas without me saying a word.  I could see they thought about the paintings too. Next was the art project, well see for yourself. IMG_2852 IMG_2853 IMG_2854 These children are mostly four years old, they are learning about faces, form and how to connect shapes into people. They can put ideas together, they can draw without my help. I simply plant the seed and they build ideas. Who knew the painting  “Son of Man”  could help get a teacher through a sleepy Monday with 14 children! First they drew people from shapes they knew, what people looked like. Then they connected the idea from Magritte to have a face with the apple- suddenly all children wanted to do the same project. Some faces were blue, some had features, some more definition, but all had a black hat, apple, and face like shape.

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Mentoring other preschool teachers

DSC00409I want to help other teachers understand the importance of teaching young children. Most people just think it is baby sitting, but teaching little children is so important because it is building a better world- if children learn early to be kind, understand their emotions and  recognize others have feelings too, without discrimination, from an  untarnished perspective. Perspective taking from the child’s point of view is an interesting way to teach and understand children. Valentines day is coming and most children just KNOW its about CANDY- I love that simple thinking. Let children view the world from their own perspective then understand and teach.

These two pictures were done by a 5 year old and a 3.5 year old- they tore the tissue paper, glue the paper and came up with their own concepts. I just gave them the art supplies and said make a colorful painting. These are really nice process ART pieces.  I supply the art bags to different New Preschool Teachers , who need help getting started . I give them an information art booklet,  How to help the child think creatively, how to LET the child work through the process- this allows them to THINK independently. Teaching like this lets the child SEE what he/she wants to make-their own perspective. Let go and get the best results, you can follow NAEYC, Eccers or whatever your school program uses for accreditation as a high quality school.


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Process Science too

Experiment that teaches

See the rain fall through the shaving cream cloud.

Children can understand the chemical  reaction by seeing what happens in the glass.  The food coloring sinks separately through the “cloud” of shaving cream. If they leave the cup sit it continues to storm.  They can make their own storm by adding other colors- red makes a purple storm, yellow makes a green storm and all colors makes a nasty dust storm or brown!  Easy summer activity.



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Flower power- easy flower masks.

How fun is it to have supplies on hand to make a special project.

Precut flowers- I use a Sizzex( from Michaels craft store) or hand cut diffferent shapes and sizes

Paper plates, tempra paints, glue, pipe cleaners, elastic string

Kids love these masks, they are easy, and children come up with all sorts of imaginary play. This can be extended from reading/ singing, ” Over in the garden”.  Add  jewels, sequins, buttons, other plants, and bugs into the flower masks.  More flower projects , stay tuned. We had a flower parade and added our crepe paper streamers.


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Fun summer activity

Everyone has flour and water.  Give the child two cups, one with flour, one with a small amount of water, a plastic spoon and a bowl for mixing, (food coloring if you want  them to make other choices.)  Let the child mix up his own glue, it is messy, but they love the consistancy and knowing they did the experiement. Let them choose things to put in their glue.  Explain what they are making ahead of time.  This is a good project for 3.5- 4 year olds.

It is an expeiment to make glue, what is the right combination of water and flour?

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Making whatever…

Making whatever...

Creativity from cut paper, glue, glitter and open free time outside- a PERFECT MATCH, for a child.

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