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A Preschool Teacher ? What are you crazy?

Hello I am a preschool teacher who has taught five years in a private school.  In my first career , for twenty-five years, I was a designer, who studied Art and Design at Parsons  and Consumer Sciences at the University of Arizona. I never felt like I was adding value for society or my community, I only was taking away from the purse. I decided to do something that I could help others, encourage people to be better and understand art.  Where I ended up was  with preschool children with open minds and busy hands.  It was a perfect match.  I have studied the way children learn and how they relate their experiences to thinking.  I teach a visualization process and word decoding for young children, all lesson plans are integrated and taught at a developmentally appropriate learning level.  I love the children they  inspire me everyday. Children are wonderful  providing  personal experiences that fill my heart with love.  It is not an easy job, nor does it pay well, but a good teacher can change your child’s future.

One smart girl!

2 responses to “A Preschool Teacher ? What are you crazy?

  1. Tina Dahl Lilly says:

    Hi Robin, I was digging around the internet looking for you. I met you during your days at Parsons, when my then-boyfriend Roger and I used to pal around with you and David. I am still in Florida. My 26-year old niece recently moved to Tucson to earn a graduate degree at U of Arizona and I was wondering what you were up to. I love your blog. It looks wonderful and it is great to see you in the virtual world. I teach 6th grade World History! Best, Tina Dahl Lilly

    • Robin Patch says:

      Hi Tina so great to here from you. I kept forgetting to write back. Yes, am active in Early Childhood Development Education. I give seminars on STEM education and Social Emotional development. I have another web page I give Art bags to under privileged children. I am very busy, but love what I do. I hope all is well with you too!

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