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Children love to learn about facts, new ideas, new concepts and nature. “The Old Farmers Almanac for kids is a wonderful resource of kid easy information. I just pick a few topics and open up the discussion for ideas, art, science and experiments! The children know so much more than you can imagine and are so curious.
Do you know, as part of early childhood education we as teachers are to have 7 looped interactions of language with a child. Subjects they have heard about, understand or can relate too are most interesting to them.
Really helping the child to think comes from the brain building new synapses and firing neurons in different patterns, which makes new connections and YES this occurrence really does help the child learn and retain information.
Many theories about teaching young learners are available, but understanding the specifics of what to do, why ,or what to teach is the key to making your child smarter! Remember genetics, environment, culture and circumstances control intelligence also. These ideas are enhancers to building intelligence.

Children have a natural tendency from birth to learn, absorbing information that surrounds them-  even though we think they aren’t aware of their environment- children absorb all types of stimuli. Children have an amazing ability to absorb information from smells, sites, temperature, culture, language, sounds , and experiences building a network of inner connectivity.

Do you know the importance of your child learning a second language? This experience of hearing, thinking and learning a new language directly affects the neurons of the brain.  Learning a Foreign language builds , critical thinking, skills of analysis, problem solving, cultural awareness and self reflection.

Do you know children NEED fat to grow brain power? The brain is 60% fat with 30% of it in the front part of the brain where focusing and attention take place. The brain builds synapses with ingestion of good fats- EFA supplementation. Fish oil is an easy way to get Omega 3 oil, ( DHA and EPA). Evening primrose oil(GLA) is the catalyst along with vitamin E. Three months of usage, you may see- a change in focusing, attention, concentration and improvement with some learning disabilities. “What do you have to lose, it is a benign therapy that could just work”, states Dr. Stordy, who   has strong clinical evidence of positive behavioral changing from this therapy. Check out Dianne Crafts for more information.

Do you know that play is REALLY a way children learn, they build experiences from their environment, culture, and assimilate information. They learn to social knowledge by understanding limits, resolving conflicts, taking turns, listening to others, asking questions and so on. They learn cognitive skills science by trying to balance on a log, math- counting bugs, time- daily schedules- Reading by book  recognition, print awareness- looking at books, and so on.
A lot goes on in the child’s mind with basic daily play, allow time for free play, imaginative play and creative play!

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The greatest site in all the land!


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The greatest site in all the land!