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The PERFECT Preschool! Know what your child needs.

on May 25, 2012

Best Program:  I believe children learn best when they have standards placed for them in the classroom with teachers as facilitators, who provide open ended lessons to achieve designated goals.  I believe children can excel if put in a classroom with high expectations, nurturing guidance, developing an intrinsic motivation and understanding of rules.   Exposing children to many different ideas , new concepts and old ones, helping to solidify knowledge to build a foundation of academic curiosity.  I think children are capable of reaching higher goals with the knowledge that is carefully placed when developmentally appropriate. Make learning fun, so children can be busy learning new things, experimenting, finding out about the world, and how it works.  Strengthen the love to learn in all children by making learning fun building in strategies to solve problems.

Children need a good foundation of knowledge  that is embedded in lesson plans motivating them to get answers, build curiousity, and gives them new experiences my  the first  couple years of life.  This foundation transfers over into academic motivation, curiosity of learning and respectful attitudes.  The young child is extremely receptive to absorbing large amounts of information, internalizing it, and using it later when needed. Children need a strong foundation of early experiences to build intelligence later, by formulating multiple ideas together.  Children need consistency, firm direction, and academic scaffolding to establish a strong educational career.

An emergent curriculum that scaffolds knowledge while allowing the child to explore new possibilities. Flexible child-directed curriculum that enhances new ideas and expands old ideas is ideal for the growing brain. As the teacher I believe I plant the seed of knowledge and curiosity to set the child in the open sea of exploration. The expansion of the mind by performance, accommodation and process wills the child to reach a higher level of thinking. Letting the child come up with new concepts and ideas teaches independence and advanced cognitive skills.  The effectiveness of  curriculum  can be judged by how students  process  information. Do they ask advanced questions ,demonstrate higher level of thinking by relating various objects and ideas together, can they demonstrate imagine learning by brain recognitions, letter decoding and relativity to achieving  academic / social emotional  goals.  How does the whole child learn?  Is she/he advancing in several domains? Is he growing in his academic performance through advancing fine motor skills (cutting, pre-writing letters, hand strength), is he building cognitive knowledge (does he know his ABCs, numbers, name), is he beginning to understand related ideas (freezing water turns to solid-ice); social emotional development (does he handle conflicts) is he growing with new knowledge?

Management strategies:  Redirection is one of my most frequently used disciplines- removing the child from the conflict. Music for transitions and calming down, opening in the morning with conversations and chat, and changing toys for newness and exploration. I manage my class through time management and space management. My strategies for managing the children are all about engagement, if they aren’t busy and happy, it is because the teacher has failed to provide the correct stimuli.

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