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Easy project!

on May 25, 2012

How do children express themselves? Let the fingers do the walking, allow the children to create creatures using their fingers. Dotting, smearing, making  hand prints ,all of these movements allow the child to see  an immediate art project.  The creative ability in children begins early, by increasing the child’s awareness of materials, allowing freedom of messiness and having open ended projects for the children to participate in.  Some children work hours on projects creating endless paint messes, blobs of multi colored  paint, piles of glitter, it can be frustrating for the teacher or parents, but this is creative thinking happening!  Creative ability , I believe is inherit and can be reinforced as positive or negative. It can be a tactile mechanism in the child’s development to feel and become aware of a new substances, textures , colors or to experience a beautiful visual response.  It is important to allow the child to express themselves, tinker, create, evolve one item into another .

The scales are made with fingerprints, sequins or glitter- precut fish make an easy project. Add wiggly eyes too!


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