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Welcome to a creative world of Education for a young child!

on May 22, 2012

Welcome to a fun and exciting place where I will post ideas,preschool arts, monkey math, party play, talk time and many other fun experiences for the young child.  Children learn best from interactive teaching and experiences.  In my blog,  I will post all kinds of ideas to teach young learners.  I have worked in the Design and art field for twenty years and now decided to give back to my community- I teach  3-5 year olds. I teach a visualization program using work sampling for documentation.  I integrate all types of lessons together building the foundations for the children in a developmentally appropriate method. Check as I begin to update my curriculum, build monthly calenders, and themes. I hope to have an interactive teacher site where new inexperienced teachers can get ideas of ask questions. Thank you for reading!

3 responses to “Welcome to a creative world of Education for a young child!

  1. Mr WordPress says:

    Hey this looks like something I could use, I always need new ideas- Burnout in California!

    • Yes I am accredited from the National Education for Young children- I have worked on work sampling and portfolios. I think it makes your achilds assessment easier. Ask your preschool teacher if that is her method of assessment- It is a real assessment of the child’s brain at work without testing memory, but testing her knowledge.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Are you accredited with NAEYC, that is the best organization for education of young children. I will follow you-that is one hard classroom portfolio to create!

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